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Non-Contact Specific Electromagnetic Energy Dosimeter
This invention is a method and apparatus for quantifying the electromagnetic energy absorbed by a surface. It uses the change of speed of an acoustic wave, caused by a temperature change in the surrounding medium, to quantify the electromagnetic energy absorbed at the surface. It can be used to characterize the biologically significant Specific Ab...
Published: 3/28/2018   |   Inventor(s): Saher Maswadi, Randolph Glickman, Luisiana Cundin, Norman Barsalou, Shannon Voss
Category(s): Other > Safety, Other > Testing/Calibration Equipment
DNA Double-Strand-Break Dosimeter for Radiation Therapy
A unique radiation dosimeter to directly measure biological damage from radiotherapy has been developed at UT Health San Antonio to greatly the improve accuracy of radiotherapy doses for certain challenging clinical scenarios.Background:Radiotherapy is an important tool in the arsenal of anti-cancer treatments as it generates Double-Strand-Breaks (...
Published: 3/6/2018   |   Inventor(s): Neil Kirby, Eun Yong Shim, Sang Lee
Category(s): Medical Devices > Monitoring Equipment, Other > Testing/Calibration Equipment, Clinical Specialty > Oncology, Clinical Specialty > Radiology