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The Resto-O-Ring is a wearable ring composed of elastic fabric that is worn around the thumb or finger of a user to improve their grip and dexterity with a utensil. A utensil, such as a pen or toothbrush, is inserted into a secondary ring to allow the wearer to use the utensil efficiently and securely, without requiring normal grip strength.Backgro...
Published: 10/10/2018   |   Inventor(s): Ben Bartlett
Category(s): Medical Devices > Rehabilitation, Clinical Specialty > Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Medical Devices > Over the Counter
The Hiccup-Cup is a device designed to relieve the spasms of the diaphragm that cause the hiccups. The device is a straw-like instrument for the user to draw water through when they get the hiccups. One end of the straw is a mouthpiece on which the user bites down. The opposite end of the device, within the lumen of straw, is a cotton filter or un...
Published: 5/17/2018   |   Inventor(s): Ali Seifi
Category(s): Medical Devices > Over the Counter