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Automobile Occupant Reminder Safety Device
A unique portable device has been developed that alerts the driver to a child remaining in the vehicle after reaching a destination, preventing children from being accidentally left behind in the vehicle. These accidents have led to hundreds of child deaths over the past two decades due to dehydration and heat stroke. This invention prevents this p...
Published: 10/23/2018   |   Inventor(s): Susan Kluger, Henrick Youval Krigel
Category(s): Clinical Specialty > Pediatrics, Other > Safety
QA Testing Apparatus for Rotating Tomography X-Ray Sources
A method and apparatus have been developed by researchers at UT Health San Antonio to allow easier, reliable, and frequent calibration of rotating x-ray source radiological equipment (i.e. computed tomography machines – CTs). The invention adapts the currently accepted method for fixed x-ray sources, the Half-Value Layer (HVL), to provide ac...
Published: 8/9/2018   |   Inventor(s): Nestor A. Ruiz Gonzalez, Geoffrey David Clarke
Category(s): Medical Devices > Imaging, Clinical Specialty > Radiology, Other > Testing/Calibration Equipment, Other > Safety
Non-Contact Specific Electromagnetic Energy Dosimeter
This invention is a method and apparatus for quantifying the electromagnetic energy absorbed by a surface. It uses the change of speed of an acoustic wave, caused by a temperature change in the surrounding medium, to quantify the electromagnetic energy absorbed at the surface. It can be used to characterize the biologically significant Specific Ab...
Published: 3/28/2018   |   Inventor(s): Saher Maswadi, Randolph Glickman, Luisiana Cundin, Norman Barsalou, Shannon Voss
Category(s): Other > Safety, Other > Testing/Calibration Equipment