Real-time Biologic Sensors of Intracellular GTP levels

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Because GTP is an essential energy currency of the cell, detecting changes in concentrations of GTP in vivo would be invaluable to understanding cellular regulation, including metabolic disruptions in human diseases. This invention is a biological reporter for measuring GTP concentrations inside living cells, with high temporal and spatial resolution.



The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio is actively seeking a company interested in commercializing a novel genetically encoded reporter for measuring guanosine-5?-triphosphate (GTP) concentrations, with high temporal and spatial resolution, inside living cells. GTP and ATP, molecules that represent the energy currency of the cell and which are also the most common allosteric modulators of protein function, regulate cellular processes related to cancer and to a variety of other human pathologies. Methods to measure the changes in concentrations of these molecules in vivo would be invaluable to understand the cellular physiology including its metabolic disruption in human diseases. The luciferase assay is widely used to monitor the variations in ATP levels, however no equivalent method exists for GTP, which unarguably plays a larger regulatory role in the cell than ATP, through its action on numerous G-proteins. G-protein mediated pathways are especially important in oncogenesis and cancer cell survival and proliferation.


Commercial Applications & Advantages:

Companies selling DNA constructs, cancer researchers, and investigators/drug companies using high-throughput screening in drug discovery would be interested in the present invention.

·         Fluorescent method to measure GTP consumption

·         First method to monitor GTP concentration in living cells

·         Useful tool in G-protein signal pathway disease research

·         Useful in drug testing for the numerous drugs targeting GPCRs


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