Compression/Stabilization for Foot and Ankle Surgery

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A novel orthopedic device providing simultaneous stabilization and compression for patient's foot, ankle, and/or lower extremity has been developed by UT Health San Antonio researchers. It is intended for use by surgeons during Charcot foot and ankle surgeries, revisional foot and ankle fusions (nonunions), and in cases where a patient's bones suffer from decreased mineral density and cortical stiffness, such as those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.



Charcot Neuroarthropathy (CN) is defined by a bone and/or joint deformity in limbs that have lost sensory innervations. The incidence is very high in diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy. Historically, foot and ankle deformities as a result of CN were treated with immobilization, total contact casting, and accommodative footwear. The risk of amputation is increased with non-operative treatment for CN and the literature shows variable protocols, techniques, and outcomes for surgical reconstruction of these complex and debilitating deformities.


Commercial Applications & Benefits:

The invention has applicability in the treatment of diabetic associated orthopedic conditions.  It provides the following benefits over the current standard of care:

  • Provides both stabilization and compression
  • Can allow for less hospitalization and earlier rehabilitation
  • Can be used for any reconstructive foot or ankle surgery where a compression arthodesis is needed
  • Can reduce risk of post-operative complications
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Patent No.2,737,114

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