Pneumococcal Vaccine with Cardiac Protection

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With the emergence of pneumococcal infections caused by non-vaccine serotypes and multidrug resistant strains, this broadly effective vaccine may be the best strategy for decreasing morbidity and mortality. Because it also protects against adverse cardiac events during and after pneumococcal pneumonia, it has strong potential as a vaccine for seniors who already have cardiovascular disease and it provides an additional indication for a pneumococcal vaccine outside of the current vaccine recommendations. Phase 1 clinical study is ongoing.

KEYWORDS: Community-acquired pneumonia adverse cardiac event; arrhythmia; congestive heart failure; myocardial infarction; Streptococcus pneumonia; Gram-positive; cardiac microlesions; abscesses, YLN;  L460D; pneumolysin; choline binding protein A; Laminin Receptor; Polymeric Immunoglobulin Receptor; vaccine.


This novel indication is part of a portfolio created in collaboration with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Univ. of Oklahoma.

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