Portable Emergency Response Kit

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A suction device has been developed to clear debris from a patient’s airway that is portable, lightweight, reliable, battery-powered and powerful.  It is intended for use by EMS and military medical personnel in non-hospital settings.



A priority in all emergency medical situations is verifying or securing an unobstructed airway.  A blocked airway is immediately life-threatening and successfully clearing the airway allows the patient to be treated for other, potentially survivable injuries. 


Field medical personnel (EMS providers, battlefield medics, etc.) currently have airway management devices that are 20+ years old and are not adequate at suctioning the patient’s airway.  These devices are bulky, heavy and have poor battery life.  Due to the lack of a adequate solution, suffocation from an obstructed airway is the second most preventable cause of death on the battlefield.


The new technology provides these front-line medical personnel with a rugged, lightweight, powerful suction device.  It will provide them with the ability to prevent needless emergency suffocation deaths resulting from airway obstruction.


Commercial Applications & Advantages:

This new technology is applicable to all non-hospital medical staff (EMS, military medics, school nurses, doctor’s offices, athletic trainers, etc.) that will potentially treat an emergency where the airway is compromised with debris (saliva, vomit, blood, food, etc).  It provides the following improvements over other products currently in use:

  • Portable
  • Hand-held
  • Lightweight
  • Rugged
  • Reliable
  • Strong Suction
  • Long Battery Life
  • Easy to Use – particularly in non-ideal situation (low light, restricted quarters, etc)
  • Ability to use in multiple orientations
  • Filter mechanism that is quick and easy to clear


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John Fritz
Sr. Business Development Manager
Michael Lasch
Yusheng Feng
Bruce Adams
Robert DeLorenzo
David Cormier
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