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The Resto-O-Ring is a wearable ring composed of elastic fabric that is worn around the thumb or finger of a user to improve their grip and dexterity with a utensil. A utensil, such as a pen or toothbrush, is inserted into a secondary ring to allow the wearer to use the utensil efficiently and securely, without requiring normal grip strength.



A number of medical issues exist that result in sufferers not having the full use of their hands, such as: stroke, arthritis, muscular dystrophy, injuries and amputations, and birth defects. People who lack the full dexterity of their hands often cannot perform many of the tasks necessary in everyday life, and may require extensive care and physical therapy to compensate. Assistive products, those that can improve and/or prolong the independence of the patient, are in high demand. According to the World Health Organization, increases in both non-communicable diseases and the average age of the global population will lead to more than two billion people requiring assistive products by the year 2050.


This simple, assistive technology can improve the quality of life of the disabled, injured, and arthritic by enabling the wearer to perform the everyday tasks independently that many others may take for granted.


Commercial Applications & Advantages:

  • Simple, intuitive design
  • Less rigid and cumbersome than similar products- allows greater hand flexibility and mobility
  • Minimalistic design
  • Can be worn on any digit of the hand
  • Inexpensive


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