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A device has been developed to track and record the administration of medication(s) on a particular dosing schedule. Long term and varied frequency of medication administration is critical for the proper treatment of many medical conditions.  Failure to comply correctly with medication schedules can often lead to serious complications.  The invention reminds a patient to administer the required medication and records the time and date it was completed. Physicians would be able to access the data to determine if a particular therapeutic regimen is failing due to the therapy itself or a lack of patient compliance.



Nearly 50% of Americans are on at least two or more prescriptions and 20% are on five or more. These medications are often prescribed on varying daily schedules. With more patients taking more medications, medication non-adherence has become a serious issue. Half of the 3.2 billion annual prescriptions dispensed in the US are not taken as prescribed. Non-adherence to a medication regimen is estimated to cause 125,000 deaths annually in the US and poor adherence results in 33- 68% of medication-related hospital admissions.


The medication monitoring device helps patients to adhere to their prescription schedule for one or more prescribed drugs. Access to the compliance data improves the therapeutic decision-making of the clinician by allowing them to assess the reason behind ineffective therapies – ineffective medications or non-compliant patient.


Commercial Applications & Advantages:

The invention would benefit most areas of medical practice and provides an improvement over standard devices for monitoring medication adherence as follows:

  • Can be used with multiple prescriptions
  • Reminder can be set up for multiple times per day for one or more prescriptions
  • Allows for reminder of sequence order of medications
  • Allows physicians to monitor medication regimen compliance



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