Automobile Occupant Reminder Safety Device

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A unique portable device has been developed that alerts the driver to a child remaining in the vehicle after reaching a destination, preventing children from being accidentally left behind in the vehicle. These accidents have led to hundreds of child deaths over the past two decades due to dehydration and heat stroke. This invention prevents this problem by providing multiple alert systems to notify the driver that a child remains in the vehicle.



In the U.S., an estimated 37 children die annually due to vehicular heatstroke (hyperthermia) and over 700 have died in the last 2 decades. The majority of hyperthermia deaths are seen in children three years and younger. Infants and children are at an increased risk of hyperthermia as they are unable to cool themselves as efficiently as adults while also producing more heat due to a higher metabolic rate. Vehicular-related hyperthermia is not limited to the summer months; it is a danger that can happen year round. The interior of a vehicle can rise by 40°F within one hour on a day that is 72°F.


This device is an easy-to-use solution for parents/caregivers that has the potential to prevent child deaths as a result of hyperthermia by audibly alerting the driver that a child remains in the car, circulating air within the car to delay hyperthermia, and providing a backup alert system that may notify multiple individuals with GPS coordinates of the vehicle via text message.


Commercial Applications & Advantages:

The disclosed invention would be a useful device for all caregivers of passengers that are not independent and has the following benefits:

  • Ease of Use – Easy to install and operate, with audible instructions at the beginning and end of the journey
  • Universal – Can be used in any vehicle make or model and any car seat
  • Back-up Alerts – Can send alert text messages to multiple numbers with GPS coordinates of the vehicle
  • Audible Alarms – Produces an audible alarm to alert persons nearby that a child is in the vehicle
  • Air Circulation – Included fan is activated to circulate air and attempt to cool the automobile
  • Portable – Is not permanently installed and can be moved easily between vehicles


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