Novel Emulsion microspheres for Liver Tumors

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In the last 15 years there has been a significant interest in administration of radiotherapeutic microspheres for treatment of liver tumors to deliver radiation to the liver tumors with beta particle radiation from yttrium-90.7 There has also been a recent interest in the development of biodegradable microspheres.8 In addition to microspheres, lipiodol, a solution of ethiodized fatty acids synthesized from poppy seed oil has been used for liver tumor embolization,9and it is frequently radiolabeled with I-131 to deliver radionuclide therapy.10

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We would like to introduce the concept of Lipiodol Emulsion in Alginate Microspheres (LEAMs) as a novel chemoembolic agent which was discovered in our laboratory during the last 6 months. The primary inventive process was the discovery that a water in oil emulsion of lipiodol would be stabilized within alginate microspheres at very high concentrations. (LEAMs) can be manufactured to any size range from 20 microns to 5000 microns for a variety of applications. We have used ultrasonic nozzle technology provided by Sono-tek to manufacture small size microspheres of average diameter 60 microns. We can also use needles extrusion systems from 16 to 21 gauge needle extrusion systems to manufacture large LEAMs which we have termed Mega-LEAMs.

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