Novel flexible nuclear medicine camera for rapid SPEC/CT and routine planar imaging

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We are proposing a new nuclear camera system with 6 cameras that can be used for either more rapid or more sensitive 3D single photon emission tomography (SPECT) imaging but can also be used for routine planar nuclear and routine whole body planar imaging as shown in the images above.  The proposed camera system has six digital solid state nuclear camera detectors designed as a hexagonal ring on a rotating axis so that they can be rotated around a patient to acquire SPECT images. For the fastest dynamic SPECT imaging, the first set of 6 images can be acquired for 30 seconds and then frame shifted 30 degrees one time for acquisition of 6 more images.  This one minute set of 12 images can be used to reconstruct the SPECT images using iterative reconstruction mathematical methods. The process makes dynamic SPECT imaging possible with a time resolution of 1 minute.

This system will be safer than standard nuclear medicine SPECT cameras because the patient with be placed within a protective ring with the SPECT cameras and computed tomography (CT) will also outside this protective ring, similar to current CT and MRI imaging systems. 


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