Closed-loop continuous sodium monitoring and hypertonic saline administration system

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The device is a closed-loop continuous sodium monitor combined with an infusion pump that automatically adjusts hypertonic saline administration according to the serum sodium. For the initial prototype, an ion-specific electrode will be used for continuous sodium monitoring. We will also develop a noninvasive sensor for continuous sodium monitoring using near-infrared spectroscopy. The sodium value will feed back to the infusion pump which will be programmed to use

What are the advantages of your invention over the current state-of-the-art?


More precise administration of hypertonic saline, increasing therapeutic potential and minimizing risk.

Decreases blood draws and time spent by nurses and physicians on sodium management.


What are the practical and commercial applications of the invention?


The device could be used for traumatic brain injury, ischemic stroke and abnormally low sodium from a variety of medical conditions. It could be use in the hospital and in the pre-hospital setting. It is of special importance in prolonged field care for wounded military personnel and injured civilians.


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