Development of Rhenium/technetium microspheres for HCC

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The disclosed invention consists of a method for creating alginate microspheres that contain liposomes encapsulating a variety of useful substances. Substances of note that can be encapsulated in liposomes and loaded into alginate microspheres include radiotherapeutics (rhenium-188), radiolabels (technetium-99m), chemotherapeutics (doxorubicin), magnetic (10 m iron nanoparticles), and radio-opaque material (iodine contrast). The inventors are investigating the use of rhenium-188 liposomes in alginate microspheres (Rhe-LAMs) for treatment of liver tumors, specifically hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). They propose this will be an effective HCC treatment through a treatment known as radioembolization, where the microspheres will block the blood supply to the tumor from the artery, while the rhenium-188 also delivers a high dose of radiation that is primarily targeted to the cancer cells.

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