Biomimetic Vaccine Delivery

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This disclosure is on a novel modular biomimetic vaccine delivery system that can be used as a valuable tool in the

vaccine design and in human application. This approach uses two independent entities 1) A surface functionalized

liposome with immunogenic antigens and, 2) a high avidity, multivalent IgM or IgG that is responsive towards the surface

immunogen displayed on the liposome. This system is hypothesized to mimic how the immune system responds to a

reinfection after the development of antibodies where by the antibodies enhance the capture of the viral particle in the

first encountered lymph node. Upon subcutaneous administration of the two components (one a liposome with a surface

antigen, and the other a IgM or IgG against the surface antigen, injected individually at two adjacent sites, will be

trafficked by the lymphatics to the draining lymph nodes (LNs) as shown with other nanoparticle vaccines. However, with

the distinction of enhanced trapping due to cross-linking of the two components within the LN. The liposome with the

surface antigen is the same size as a virus and since it will have the same surface antigen as the viral particle, it is

hypothesized to immunologically mimic a virus.

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