Low profile PEG tube conversion kit

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PEG tubes are commonly used to provide enteral feedings . The long catheter  and the attachments use to connect the tube to the enteral feedings are very uncomfortable to the patients , cause pain and are a  constant reminder of their severe debilitating disease . 

Low profile G tube are used in many patients but are difficult to place the novo and are expensive . Converting a PEG tube into a low profile G tube is difficult as the bumper that is inside the patient’s stomach is very difficult to remove . Changing the G or PEG tube for a low profile requires a precise measurement of the distance of the tract . A very large inventory of tubes of different calibers and lengths is necessary as the tract is different in each patient.

The purpose of this invention is to create a low profile attachment that allows the physician to convert any standard PEG tube into a low profile system providing extra comfort to the patient and saving the heath system significant expenses as the system is of low cost and can be performed in the office without fluoroscopy or endoscopy.   


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