Low Profile External Fixation system for percutaneous drainage procedures (Closed in favor of HSC-1606)

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The combination of the device and the fixation process provides a number of advantages as compared to the current standard of care, described below:

•       Provides a lower external profile for standard drainage catheters which decreases the chances of the catheter snagging, migrating, or completely dislodging

•       The disclosed method for measuring existing catheter before attaching the device to a new catheter should make for a better fitted and more stable setting for the catheter, and overall, a more comfortable experience for the patient

•       The disk/wheel should allow for easier cleaning of the entry site.

•       Membrane in the center of the disk should allow a patient or physician to easily flush or connect the catheter to a drainage bag.

•       This variety of catheter, for percutaneous drainage procedures, has usage in treating a wide variety of indications

•       Possibility that external suturing or taping to the skin will not be necessary



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