A genetic test for platelet function from Chromosome 18

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Individuals with one copy of 18p chromosome have decrease platelet aggregation response compared to healthy controls and individuals with Tetrasomy 18p. These results identify a possible human genetic test to predict platelet aggregation and clot formation.


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Current standard of care to define platelet function for pre-operation or during critical illness is to obtain a platelet count. Platelet count is a very poor marker of platelet function or if the patient is at higher risk for bleeding or clotting. Additional, FDA approved studies (impedance aggregometry, light transmission aggregometry, and/or thromboelastography w/PlateletMapping) are rapid, whole blood, single point studies but have not been effective to screen patients for increased bleeding or clotting risk. Several studies have shown their efficacy in possibly predicting their response to aspirin but have not been helpful in predicting platelet response, blood loss, or reduce mortality. The following genetic test and interventions developed will help to identify individuals when healthy that are at increased risk of bleeding and clotting abnormalities.


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