Mediastinal Needle Biopsy

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Mediastinal Needle Biopsy


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Biopsy is used to obtain tissue samples or body fluid samples for laboratory analysis when cancer or other diseases are suspected.  Tissue can be collected by surgery or, less invasively by percutaneous needle biopsy.  In areas of the body that are difficult to sample a biopsy needle can be guided to the tissue to be sampled through an endoscope, conduit or medical device insertion instrument.  The tissue is collected in a hollow part of the needle and then the needle is withdrawn from the instrument.  This invention comprises an improved biopsy needle that should allow more widespread use of endoscopic needle biopsy.




·       Easier to use than existing biopsy needles

·       More precise removal of tissue

·       More reliable tissue sampling

·       Semi-flexible

·       Flexible true cut system in needle tip

·       Can be advanced through a bronchoscope or gastroscope and positioned in the area of interest to obtain biopsy sample

·       Allows for removal of tissue sample without a need to reciprocate a needle into the tissue.



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