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Attenuated Chlamydia Vaccine
An attenuated Chlamydia strain has been developed that can be used as a vaccination against Chlamydia infections. The attenuated organism is capable of infecting mucosal tissues and eliciting a robust immune response without inducing the typical inflammation associated with Chlamydia infections.Background:Chlamydia infections are the most common ba...
Published: 4/20/2018   |   Inventor(s): Guangming Zhong
Category(s): Clinical Specialty > Reproductive Health, Clinical Specialty > Wound Healing, Clinical Specialty > Urology, Therapeutics > Vaccines
Pneumococcal Vaccine with Cardiac Protection
With the emergence of pneumococcal infections caused by non-vaccine serotypes and multidrug resistant strains, this broadly effective vaccine may be the best strategy for decreasing morbidity and mortality. Because it also protects against adverse cardiac events during and after pneumococcal pneumonia, it has strong potential as a vaccine for senio...
Published: 4/10/2015   |   Inventor(s): Carlos Orihuela, Elaine Tuomanen, Armand Brown
Category(s): Therapeutics > Vaccines, Clinical Specialty > Infectious Diseases, Clinical Specialty > Immunology